Saturday, 9 June 2018

(Han) Solo Trip Day 3

Day 3 - ...and relax ...
Yesterday was pretty full on with the Wild Africa Trek, AK and MK so I had always planned today as a rest day. That started with a lie in! Yeyyy! Yesterday I did nearly 30,000 steps, today a mere 11,500!
At some point I’ve acquired 3 mosquito bites in the oddest places. I’ve been loved by mosquitos all over the world but not usually in Orlando, so this is new!  It could be because AoA is right next to hourglass lake

I spent most the morning camped outside on the terrace of the hotel restaurant so that I was within easy reach of food, drinks and toilets while I read my book The weather today has been warm but cloudy and drizzley - so perfect chill day weather!
I gave into my Disney waffle addiction, I lasted a whole 3days!

The food is really good and lots of choice at AoA Landscape of flavours. As a midday snack I also had a ‘everything brownie’ and for tea I had a bacon double cheeseburger and a beer! All covered by dining plan.

Late afternoon I made the terrible mistake of ‘popping to the outlets for a bit’. I only left in the end because I couldn’t physically carry anymore. The first downsides of being a solo traveller
❌ No one to carry your bags
❌ No one to ask you “do you really need another Kate Spade  handbag?”

3 handbags, a purse, 3 necklaces and a pair of earrings later, I finally left Kate Spade  They had 60% off plus an extra 20% plus I’m a member of the outlet VIP club so I logged into the website and showed an extra 10% off code. Picked up other bits and bobs at Disney plus extra VIP discounts in Under Armour and Levi.

I used Uber to get to the outlets and back with no issues. There isn’t constant WiFi at the outlets but plenty of places give you free access like under armour and Starbucks.

Due to my excessive shopping, I was running late for my Hollywood studios fp’s so I decided to cancel them as I have the same fp’s later in the week and it means I’ll be totally refreshed to march around both universal studios parks tomorrow as I only have a 1 day ticket

Instead I’m enjoying my stockpile of room beers, pampering myself with a Kiehls travel set I bought before I left, and watching Netflix with caramel popcorn!

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