Wednesday, 23 May 2018

National Sandwich Week

Did you know this week is national sandwich week!

Loving the news of Sandwich week

Oh my, I genuinely can not express my love of a good sandwich. So much so I'd struggle to pick just one favourite! Anything from a Joey Tribiani style feast to a simple cucumber finger sandwich. I will never not be happy with a good home made sarnie!

choosing which num nom flavour would make the best filling

But what better way to celebrate National Sandwich week than to share family Monkeyfeet's top 5  favourite sandwich ideas with you. 

It took a while for us all to decide, the kids took their latest Num Noms collection outside for some filling inspiration, 

But I took to my facebook 'Villager Group'  to see if they could help me choose, and we had lots of suggestions but the most popular  was the one I had already chosen as my desert island sandwich...

Christmas Sandwich (Mammy Monkeyfeet)

Image result for turkey stuffing spread sandwich

The BLT (Daddy Monkeyfeet)

Image result for blt spread sandwich

Nutella (Peanut)

Image result for chocolate spread sandwich

PB and J (The Golden Child)

Image result for pb and j sandwich

Crisp Sandwich (Termite)

Image result for crisp sandwich

So the big question now is... what is your favourite sandwich?

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