Friday, 25 May 2018

Diary of a Solo Traveller in Florida

I have this amazing 'Sister' Joanne.

* shes's one of my Womens Institute Sisters

She just recently set off on a solo trip to Florida! I have loved reading her adventures and I thought you might too...

✨(Han) Solo Trip✨

Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

Arrived safe and sound at Art of Animation  The Virgin flight yesterday flew by with back to back films...immigration not so much. There was a big queue which took about an hour and I got stuck at the desk for ages because my photo off 2 years ago looks nothing like me now. Thanks to Slimming World  

Several credit cards, driving license and managing to work out how much weight I’d lost in lbs I finally convince them I was the same person!

Timed my arrival perfectly for the Magical Express, and Art of Animation (AoA) the first stop.

I opted out of mousekeeping in return for a $90 gift card . As I checked in online I found out my room number on the coach and knew from other blogs that it was the furthest possible building from the food court and transport so I asked if they had anything a bit closer and they did!
I added the QS dining to my room only a few days ago but I’m so glad I did. Now that it includes alcoholic beverages, it’s really good value and you can always take it back to your room and pop it in the fridge for room beers later on if you don’t fancy it now

I booked Be Our Guest (BoG) for 8am thinking I’d wake up ridiculously early but I think I could have managed a lie in. I had a complete carb & sugar overload at BoG!

Banana caramel croissant donut thingy, token bit of fruit and even when you’re own your own you get the full plate of side pastries! Making good use of my dining plan, I refilled my coke before I left and got an extra cup of water.
I used a snack credit to get one of my faves - vanilla and pineapple dole whip float . 

The queue was massive so I ordered on the app and picked up my order 2mins later!
Being a solo traveller definitely has its advantages

✅ You don’t have to share your food

✅ Being able to squeeze into Disney buses with ease. No waiting for the next one

✅ Ride rows/ seats all to yourself. When you’re with someone else, one of you has to sit on the RHS of Splash mountain and take the extra soaking from the waterfall and the splash from other peoples drop
My $90 gift card was burning a hole in my pocket and it’s gone already on a ‘I am Groot’ hat, a haunted mansion print and Cogsworth Christmas ornament to match Lumiere that I got last year. All being delivered to the hotel tomorrow so I didn’t have to lug them about on rides.

MK was pretty quiet in the morning, so I managed Big Thunder Mountain (fp) Splash Mountain (fp) PoTC, and it’s a small world. Space Mountain broke down so I got a free fast pass and used it on Haunted Mansion and went on the people mover to see inside Space Mountain with the lights on! I left MK pretty early to relax by the pool with a book and to give my feet a rest. Over 16,000 steps today!

Tomorrow I’m at Animal Kingdom super early for The Wild Africa trek . It starts at 8am and you have to be there 30m before, so I need to be on the 7am bus 

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