Sunday, 25 March 2018

Teletubbies Saving The Day!

Today we were all supposed to be heading off to a 'Breakfast with the Easter bunny' event but Termite decided Friday evening would be a great time to catch chicken pox

The Night The Chicken Pox Appeared!

So mammy and Termite stayed home and I won't lie she was mighty miserable, remembering that we had been sent some toys to review, this mammy did what any desperate Mammy would..... distraction with gifts! I know I know not my best parenting moment but look how miserable she was, and look how happy our new teletubbies made her...

We were asked to review these new Twist n Chime figures, which make jingling bell sounds when you twist them, great for motor skills and problem solving and perfect for little hands, these are £4.99 each so a great alternativegift to an Easter Egg.

Also this lovely talking plush, softer than ever and they say little tubbie catchphrases when you squeeze them, priced at £9.99 with four to collect . Ours is a firm favourite and we got ages of play with them whilst also taking advantage of today's gorgeous sunshine

These toys are available from Argos and there is currently up to 25% off 

Do you have a Teletubbie fan in your house, what do you think of these new toys?

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