Thursday, 25 January 2018

Why I'm Always Cheerful*

*Not necessarily true

My last few months have been peppered with sad news, shocking news, news of struggle and hardship

I consider myself truly blessed and one of the luckiest girls in the world but life is so short and sometimes very cruel. I've spent this year writing 'Reasons to Be Cheerful' Posts on my facebook page, now in these posts I try to leave out any moans, the purpose it not to pretend my life is perfect (as some have suggested) but to see and list positives every day. Its a reminder to me that you have to be grateful for what you have A sort of fake it until you make it plan if you will.

Now don't get me wrong I could moan every day about world politics, housework, mess, workload etc, we all can its easy to get bogged down. Its really easy to forget to 'cherish every moment' when the kids are driving you crazy or you have a million things to do and 4 people want your attention now.

Let me give an example, this week after 3 nights of no sleep, I decided to build a wardrobe whilst having a child off school sick, said child never stopped climbing on me or asking for stuff which is normally fine but , you know, flat pack assembly isn't that great...  Eldest, came home full of attitude and angry pants-ness, littlest joined her brother in 'lets not let mammy have any personal space', I burnt the tea, which was flipping spaghetti on toast! No one wanted to go to bed, except for sleep deprived mammy and the bloody wardrobe had a broken hinge so is still not finished, resulting in a house full of mess and displaced furniture. This mammy sat in silence waiting for her eldest to come home feeling 'touched out' , useless, totally exhausted and overwhelmed. Then I went to bed and started writing my post.....

And I felt a little better

So faced with all the sadness I've heard of recently I'm going to try to make more effort to grab every moment. to use the good china, wear the nice undies, spray my favourite perfume every day. But most of all I'm going to try really hard to not sweat the small stuff, who cares if we don't have perfect hair on a morning, or we don't get dressed until lunchtime on a weekend, if we are happy and healthy then that's just fine with me.

And I'm going to try for another year of finding reasons to be cheerful,to put my gratitude out into the world.

If you like to join me you can head to my page by clicking on the facebook link above and jump in whenever you want .


  1. Ah Karen I never see your reasons to be cheerful as trying to paint a perfect life - they're definitely not that. They are uplifting for me and always make me smile. I'm pleased you're going to continue them throughout 2018 xxx

    1. Thanks Sam. I think it's because you know me, I guess for those that don't it may seem a bit 'is she for real'

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