Friday, 8 December 2017

The Lambton Worm Panto - Review

On Sunday we headed to The Customs House to review The Lambton Worm

At the risk of sounding like a super fan IT WAS AMAZEBONKS!

I've seen almost every Customs House Panto for the last Two Decades, (the joys of a career in theatre!) and they have always been good, full of laughs and music, songs and dancing but this one was truly the funniest Panto I've ever seen !

Celebrating 150 years of the Lambton Worm folk song  this panto tells a local tale with a panto twist and gives plenty of laughs along the way.

Slipping back into familiar Roles as Arbuthnot and Dame Bella , David Jon Hopper and Ray Spencer are like familiar friends (to the audience, I mean. Obviously they are pals with each other!) with Brilliant comic chemistry which just made the 'he's behind you' and Slapstick routines cheek hurtingly funny. Honestly how they have the energy to come back on stage after the slapstick is beyond me!

Natasha Haws and Georgia Nicholas give equally great performances as Sisters 'Susie Soothsayer' (as if you could say that name fast!) and Poison Pen. Natasha has a great voice and just a hint of Sarah Millican-esque comedy about her to make her a lovable rhyming narrator for the tale and Georgia's Poison Pen was a joy of story book whitchiness! The perfect balance for the audience to love to loathe in equal measure.

As always fantastic enthusiastic and energetic performances from the dancers South Tyneside Dance Workshop to match the brilliant chosen soundtrack of the show, with definite foot tappers and sing a longers!

For me the sets and costumes were joyous to see, The Customs House pride themselves on being 'local', 'the Little Panto with the Big Heart' but hands down the sets and costumes would knock socks of many of the high flying 'store bought' Pantos that cost the earth to see!  Designers Fox and Shriek have done an awesome job of creating a very circus/carnival feel to the sets and incorporating fabulous details to each and every costume, with a nod to some of my favourite awesome kick ass females (Madonna and Wonder Woman) lots of colour and and loads of fun

Loads of audience participation 'I say Ar, You say Butt' , 'She's Behind you' and 'Worm at The Bottom of the garden' will give you plenty to scream and shout about. A true panto for all the family with loads of jokes for the grown ups and lots of fun for the kids.

I can not say how much I want everyone to see this Panto. Its a fun, happy energetic show and you will come out with your sides hurting from so much laughter! Book tickets now online or at the Box Office 0191 4541234


  1. wowwww. This seems to be one amazing share that you have post here. I guess I have missed this show :(. Do update a set of events on your blog so people know about these coming ahead.

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