Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Portable North Pole - Why We Love This Service

For the last few years we have been using Portable North Pole and we love it so much, in the few years we have been using it the service has improved year on year adding new features and little extras. Like, more video styles, reaction cam, an app for your phone, stories and even phone calls from Santa

This year we were invited to review the magic pass again and we were also gifted this amazing Do Good Elf  She is part of a range of toys available from John Lewis 

The idea is that you teach your 'baby elf' to 'do Good' things, and this in turn encourages your children to show kindness and good behaviour. The elf retails at £20 but I have to tell you she is amazing quality, is pose able and every toy includes a special code that will give you access to an exclusive personalised video

Check out our video here..

'Stella' Has been having fun with our other Christmas visitors, and the kids all really love her. The golden child said 'I do love Stella, but we mustn't make more fuss of her than our other elves or that wouldn't teach her very good kindness would it' He is truly the sweetest thing

 We have now watched our first Portable North Pole videos, and recorded our reactions...

The thing I love most is how brilliantly each video is customised, technically they are really simple details like photos or standard questions, but to small people (and even me if I'm honest) it just adds to the magic of Christmas, and its the magic that makes everything feel more special

I love that the app records your kids reaction, but it also includes a kids area and a parents area containing, stories, movies, games

PNP Magic Pass costs  £10.99 and Video Pass is £7.99 The magic pass includes : Unlimited videos, Weekly bedtime stories, HD downloads and Reaction Recorder, The video Pass is Unlimited videos and Reaction Recorder. Every pass that is purchased on the site includes a donation to a children's charity as well. We love this service and we will use it again next year, you can even make more grown up versions of the video with funny messages in like this one .....

Have you used PNP before?

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  1. Super cute elf and love that it looks similar to elves on PNP site. Kids had fun looking thru passport and naming them. One more reminder for kiddos that Santa is watching and to always be good!