Friday, 1 December 2017

Celebrating Diwali - A Tyne and wear Metro Family Adventure

My kids LOVE travelling on the Metro! Its a real adventure for them and they always treat it like one, with 'Metro snacks' and games along the journey. Eye spy is obviously our favourite and so easy to play on a Metro Journey

I didn't realise 2 things

Kids should have Pop Cards because it proves their age and entitlement to concessionary travel

Adults can get pay as you go Pop cards, which are free to get (you need to top up with £10 on first purchase) and super easy to top up online, or in store! Once you have one the system figures out the cheapest fare for your daily use at the end of your day and it works out cheaper than buying tickets

I decide to rectify our lack of Pop card immediately and headed into our local Travel shop with my money, some forms for the kids and their picture and passports. The staff were really helpful and sent off our forms and our return envelopes and we received our Pop cards within a week. (Mine was ready straight away)

Some of my WI were visiting The National Glass Centre for The Diwali Festival and I thought this would be a fabulous day out for all of us. My university was Sunderland, and St Peters Campus is right next door to the glass centre so I know know that its a pleasant walk along the river from St Peter's station to catch some of the sculpture trail and head to the Glass Centre which sits right on the River and from St Peters Metro Station it only tales about 15 minutes.

Disaster struck in the week leading to our trip though in the form of a shoe splitting and so we need to detour first to buy some new ones, luckily there is  a retail park near the station so we quickly nipped there for shopping and sustenance before our journey to the festival

Not wanting to let go of their pop cards during lunch

The Festival

The festival was a feast for eyes, ears and taste buds! There were displays of Indian fashion, turban try outs, Indian dress try ons, a food station which was amazing value for money and super tasty (food went to quick for pictures!)

We watched some amazing drumming and Bollywood style dance displays and I was overwhelmed with the warmth and friendliness of the day, we met some fab people and chatted with artists, dancers, crafters creators and even the police!

Bollywood Makeup Masterclass

Everything was so bright and colourful and interesting to look at and experience, we will definitely return next year and take more people with us.

Diwali Diya's being set up  along the path of The National Glass Centre

Trying our Hand at drumming

Beautiful Bollywood Dancing

We had planned to wander into town afterwards and see Paddinton but we totally lost track of time at The Glass Centre and ended up too late to do anything else
Celebrating Diwali
We had a brilliant family day out, did you visit Diwali Festival? I'd love to hear your thoughts

*This is a collaborative post