Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Singing with Jo Jo Siwa

We were recently sent a Bodalicious Bow and Jo Jo Light Up Microphone

Both are available from most high Street toy shops. The microphone retails at around £14.99 and the the bow retails at £9 99

So what did we think?
Well peanut loves all things JoJo so the bow went down a treat. My personal opinion is that at £9.99 it's a little bit expensive for a hair accessory but she really enjoyed using it. Its like a normal bow but with the addition of a rainbow coloured hair extension attached.

The microphone was really good fun it works exactly as it was supposed to it has a lot of sayings from Jojo it also ticks all the glittery sparkly boxes for peanut. Check out our video here

Overall if you have a Jo Jo fan in your house these will be a welcome addition to your collection. I love that the mic can be used as a mic and a speaker and that it plays the whole of Boomerang so the kids can still listen to a 'proper song' even if they arent connected to a MP3 player

*we were sent these items free of charge, all thought are our own

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  1. That microphone looks so sick. And I am really jealous that you managed to get it for such a low price haha. I'll keep my eyes on the site and see if another good deal pops up.