Sunday, 12 November 2017

Pretend to Bee Children's Costume Review

We love a bit of role play at Monkeyfeet HQ so when 'Pretend to Bee' asked if we would like to try one of their role play outfits I said a definite yes! Termite is all about playing Doctors and Vets at the Moment and I know her reception class will be having a Doctor theme role play area soon so we chose this Medic outfit

Now termite is in age 5-6 clothes from most stores so we chose the size 5-7 for this outfit and as you can see its a generous fit so we will get lots of wear out of it, it even fits The Golden Child who is in 7-8 years normally

The medic outfit is priced at £15.95 and having seen the quality I'd be happy to say its good value for money and I'd definitely buy from them in the future. The material is sturdy and the outfit is well made. You all know what I'm talking about when I say some kids dressing up is just awful, cheap flimsy fabric and awful stitching that will come loose at the slightest tug ? Well this outfit is thankfully not like that at all.

Termite played Doctor to her (genuinely poorly) sick sister and her (not so genuinely poorly) sick Brother. She even went to get her Doctors bag and took a history!

Pretend to bee have a huge range out role play outfits including some great career outfits and Nativity Costumes , you know its the season for getting your kids in awesome dress up though right?

I think Pretend to Bee are a fab resource for primary schools and parents alike. They offer free delivery on orders over £25 and next day delivery on orders placed before 3pm Monday  to Thursday

You can connect with Pretend to Bee on Facebook and Twitter and you can order on their website 

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