Monday, 13 November 2017

How To Make A Jo Jo Bow

*We were sent these items FOC and this post contains affiliate links

Its actually not that hard to learn how to make a Jo Jo Bow if you have a Deluxe Jo Jo Bow Maker 

I'm not even joking this kit is awesome and once you have the knack its easy peasy, you could be making your own bows for parties and gifts before you know it!

We show you how in this video


But first of all what is a Jo Jo Bow? Oh you can't have missed the Jo Jo Bow craze, even if you aren't a dance mam' They are huge hair bows as worn by Dance Moms Jo Jo Siwa (Jo Jo is the child not the Mom) are you following? Lots of school age children are wearing them and they hit the headlines this year when some schools banned them as a distraction!

Anyway this is a jo jo bow

Not unlike  a Fergie bow, if like me you are a child of the 80's/90's

The deluxe bow maker retails at £19.99 in most toy shops The box contains all you need to make lots of bows plus extras like, diamante's and key rings

Bow maker 

There's even a bow holder

To start its best to have a few practice runs before you commit to chopping any ribbon !

It feels like the bow isnt going to turn out right but I promise if you just follow the instructions you will be left with a beautiful JO JO, just like this 

So what did we think? Well peanut is age 8 (nearly 9) and needed some help with the finishing, just to get the tie of the cotton and ribbon tight enough, but she has real pride in the fact that this is a home made bow and she was instrumental in most of its creation! 

Is it worth the money? I have to say yes, there is plenty enough to make 4 big bows plus small ones  more and you can easily buy extra gross grain ribbon to keep making them once this supply has gone. considering a pack of two bought in the sale would set you back around £8 and you have all the extras in this I do think its good value for money

Peanut is loving Jo jo right now and  has spotted loads of Jo Jo roducts. Shes going to e really pleased with this brolly , and as much as I hate following the crowd I like Jo Jo's encouragement to be true to yourself and be kind

You can read about the Bodalicious Bow and Jo jo Microphone in our other review here


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