Thursday, 19 October 2017

Why I Love Kazoops

Monty and Jimmy Jones are back with brand new Kazoops Adventures!

I've written before about Kazoops and how we love the cheerful colourful episodes but I was reminded this week of exactly how brilliant Monty's adventures really are!

So kazoops returned to our screens and I happened to sit down to watch 'Car Trip last night with the kids, Id just finished telling the man how sick and nervous I was to be returning (albeit for a day) to work in a 'proper for someone else' job! The kids were asking me if I hated working for other people and it was hard to explain

The as fate would have it this episode shows Monty and Jimmy jones join Monty's Mum for work, they find it super exciting but mum doesn't then they sing a lovely song about appreciating the parts of your job that are great, enjoying the parts of work that make you smile an

d remembering ow it used to be to see your job with new appreciation. Suddenly I remembered that actually I love theatre, i love dealing with customers (mostly) I enjoy the challenge and I like to make a difference. So I was all ready to go with a new sense of excitement!

If you haven't yet watched an episode with your little people please give it a shot it really is such a lovely cheerful programme

Kazoops is on Cbeebies weekdays at 3.45pm and you can catch up on iplayer, you can connect with Kazoops on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

I have been paid to write this post, all veiw are my own and are genuine


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