Thursday, 31 August 2017


You can't have missed the Internet going crazy over tiddlytubbies. But if you did let me catch you up.....

The Teletubbies....



What what! How can this be? Who are the parents I hear you cry, how? When? HOW? 
I know I know there are many questions to be answered but first let's look how cute they are

I know right!

So in truth the Tiddlytubbies are adorable New characters introduced first in 2015 but now starring in more and more episodes.

So when Termite was asked to review these little things she was happy as can be.... As was Peanut,  and now we are back to watching Teletubbies on repeat.

These cute little plush toys make noises, giggle and are super soft  and you can see by the pure scruffiness of ours  that they've been well loved and taken everywhere

Tiddlytubbies are available from Character 


  1. These little tiddlytubbies are just so cute and adorable. They come in three different and all of them are just so amazing. our kids are going to love them alot.

  2. Wow these Tiddlytubbies are so cute.After getting viral on internet,I have also seen soft toys of Tiddlytubbies in market.I have purchased it too for my 8 months old.