Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Puppy Surprise

We were recently asked to review Puppy Surprise from Flair
My termite loves cats and dogs so I thought this would be a lovely 'surprise for her.Puppy Surprise is aimed at ages3 to 6 years.With an rrp of £27.99 they aren't an everyday purchase but would make a great birthday gift.

So what's the idea then...
Surprise, Surprise! Puppy Surprise features a soft and huggable mummy dog with a surprise number of puppies in her litter. Will there be three, four, or even five? Children can keep their puppies safe in the Mummy dog's pouch. Each pet comes with a sparkly dog collar and has brushable hair and tail. 

Series 8  of Puppy surprise has just launched The newest range includes four new puppies called Eliza, Lexi, Chloe and Stacey. (below)


We received 3 pink puppies with our doggy  (Cali) and they have been named carrot, broccoli and pinky! One of the puppies makes cute (for a child anyway) puppy whimpers and all of the puppies can be stored in Cali's pouch, which gives the effect to any adult watching that Cali is having a C-section several times an hour!!!

Termite as predicted loved the toy and I guess that's what matters the most. I found the whole thing a little strange an underwhelming but I am an adult and therefore its not aimed at me right? Termite plays happily hiding the puppies and making up puppy stories so it has triggered her imagination and role play skills. The dog is of nice quality too.

You can find out more and purchase from Flair website

WWe were sent this toy in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own


  1. Are these puppy toys are still available on flair.I also want this puppy surprise after reading your review,I hope my tommy would also like it just like your termite.

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