Monday, 3 April 2017

Meccanno 5 in 1 Motorcycles Review

We were recently sent this Meccano 5 in 1 Motorcycles kit to review. Its recomended for ages 8+ and having a Lego loving clan at home I figured my patient methodical eldest children would zip through this in no time at all.

The set has everything you need to build, all of the bits and bobs plus handy tools for tightening bolts and holding nuts in place (yes I did just giggle as I wrote that)

All started swimmingly and the boy at just 7yrs old managed well to follow instructions and check he was using the right sized bolts....

Sadly by step 9 the tricky bits had become too frutrating and it was left to his sister (age 8) to undo and start again as we thought we had made a mistake...

And thats where it all fell apart, not literally as you can see its still olted together, it all got a bit much,Tempers flared and there may have been tears! Mammy attempted to fix the issues but was close to a swear and then Daddy the engineer declared we should leave it for now and well......

No one wants to play anymore

  • I love the set up (lego fans will feel the familiarity of step my step clear intrustions and diagrams. 
  • I like the idea of Meccano but I think this set was a bit too fiddly for the 8yr age range and may be better suited to an older child 

The set is available priced around £12.99

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Would I buy Meccano again? Yes, actually I would .We have used the junior sets with great success and I'd be happy to try a different set, Heck we may even get this built sometime soon. I shall certainly let you know if we do.

Are you a Meccano fan? How would you rate the difficulty of the build?

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