Monday, 5 December 2016

Portable North Pole

It's December and that can only mean 1 thing.... It is time for Portable North Pole, youve probably already seen our facebook post ...

Yes we have already all received messages from Santa! Obviously Mammy is a good girl and will be getting a holiday for Christmas, ha ha I highly doubt that but making the video was lots of giggles!

And here are the kids reactions to their videos

We have been using PNP for around 5 years now and we love love love it, this year we have installed the app on my phone which comes with loads of kids activities you can make your videos and calls on there and they have the new #ReactionRecorder basically while the Santa video plays, your child is recorded its kind of like a screen in screen but you can then save the video which i think is an awesome idea. The app is really easy to download and use and if you buy the Magic Pass for £9.99 you can make unlimited videos from a huge choice of themes including Birthdays, Christmas Eve and a simple message, you can receive calls from Santa. You get HD downloads of all your videos and there is a new story from Sanat every week of Decemer!

 Its really excellent value for money and for us, our Santa videos are a real Monkeyfeet family tradition it always starts the excitement and spirit of Chrismas for us, and with Peanut having a December birhday she is especially excited for her Birthday message.

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