Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Zoomer Chimp Review

I'm always a little bit dubious when I hear that there is a new robot on the market that does loads of tricks! I'll be honest in the past we have had lots of robot type toys and the instructions are always super complicated there are too many buttons to press you have to press them in combination and it all get a little bit messy, then the kids get bored and you have wasted your cash!

BUT zoomer chimp from Spin Master has had some great reviews and we were really excited when we were asked to review it. He arrived and to much excitement and after we had put him through his paces I have to tell you he's gone down a storm in this house. So much so that I've had to do the video on my own because he created so much excitement and the kids just got far too loud and screechie and poor Zoomer was a bit confused!

So here's our video

The good stuff

  • He is really cute 
  • He's not too big 
  • He follows commands as you say them there's no real mix up with words 
  • He has created hours of fun at our house so I don't think he's a short lived 
  • He seems to be really good quality, we have very hard floors which he has fallen on many times but seems to have survived the impact! Obviouslly I wouldn't advise throwing him or anything but he has survived the rough and tumble of our family 
  • The instructions are easy to follow 
  • Setup is super easy 
  • Charging doesn't take very long and the charging cable is included
Room for improvement

  • The full price is an RRP of around £119.99 which is quite expensive although this does have a lot of tech inside of it for the chimp to be able to do all the things that he can do , But we have seen Zoomer on sale in Smyths for £69.99 which is almost half price and actually offers really good value for money 
  • Gaurd Mode can be a little scary for little litlle people
other than that I don't think we have any other improvements to suggest. We really love him he's made us giggle we play with him as a family and he's lots and lots of fun 


  1. Good review. I'm sat here astounded that I've actually found a toy that Arlo hasn't actually asked for yet. Is it just me orate these things getting more expensive!

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