Monday, 14 November 2016

Family Games for Christmas

Closing a suitable game as a Christmas gift can be tricky to get right so we've put together some ideas to help you choose

This is a one player game so awesome for a bit of parental peace, pop on the goggles and listen and watch out for aliens point the gun then shoot some virtual aliens, great fun and you can purchase extra goggles to create a multi player game

Piggin Boogers RRP
Oh it's so gross it's fun! Basically it's Russian roulette with  snot!You place your bets on which of the snouts has the snots, then stick in you finger to win all or lose all! Its ooey gooey squeal-tastic fun

Googly Eyes RRP £19.99 
A perfect family game and so much fun, think pictionary with blurred vision and you are half way there, teams work together to score points moving round the board and taking the challenges set out on the way to collect even more points. You are set the challenge of drawing something for your team to guess whilst wearing these crazy glasses to blur your vision


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