Sunday, 27 November 2016

Brewers Fayre Cinder Path

Last week we headed along to the new Brewers Fayre in South Shields to see what their recent refurb offerd. What was Taybarns in South Shields has now become a pleasant Brewers Fayre newly decorated with a small soft play area in the back.

We have been to two other local brewers Fayres to check out there a soft play areas Royal Quays and Wessington Way. Wessington has a much larger soft play but Royal Quays is smaller. Whilst this one isn't the largest that we have seen it has the added bonus of a large seating and dining area inside the play zone, there are plenty of seats for parents/carers to sit and eat food or have a coffee in peace (well as peacefully as a soft play allows.

The soft play has a section for smaller children and also a Kids Den, an area with chairs, colouring activities and a TV playing Horrid Henry and different children's programmes which are changed depending on what the largest age group of children are at the time. There's always colouring going on and staff are generally happy to help kids colour, craft and create even making an effort to learn and use children's names and introduce them to others. While we were there we had our face painted but this may only be on special events.

One thing I would like to see is a magnetic locking door between the pub and the soft play so the kids can't come out without somebody opening the door for them but when i asked staff they said that isn't something me had any plans to do.

The kids went for the kids meals of hot dogs and chicken nuggets with the big two having ice cream funny faces and the littlest having a fruit salad because of her allergies. The staff were great with Termites allergies and brought us the allergen file to put my mind at rest that everything had been checked properly. The Mr went for a double cheeseburger and I had the sweet potato and feta lasagna.

Portion sizes were great and the kids portions were more than sufficient, my lasagne was tasty and the Mr really enjoyed his burger.

Decor in the new pub is really lovely, with a fresh and clean style.The menu offers great value for money with deals such as two meals for £10.99 or two starters for £2.50 and loads of other offers and themed hotplate evenings .Both hot and soft drinks are priced at around about £3 and that is for unlimited refills.

Overall we had a great day the staff were really friendly the soft play area is small but kept the kids entertained for an hour or so. I think it's great for younger children there will be various special offers on throughout the year for play passes or deals and  one of the things that really impressed me about the soft play area is that it gets cleaned twice  a day. One of my biggest bugbears is how dirty some some of the bigger soft play areas locally are.


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