Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Yvolution Strolly Compact

You pick a toddler ride on from any toy store and I garuntee we will have tried it! I kid you not I have been the owner of too many to mention, so I can tell you with gnuine expertise that The Yvolution Strolly compact kicks the butt of any one we have tried (and it really is a lot that we have tried )

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We Love

  • Its well built
  • Really Sturdy
  • Comes apart and folds to go in the boot of a car
  • Is suitable across a huge age range right up to 4yrs
  • Termite is happy to pedal herself but I still have the safety of the handle
  • It turns into a super cool trike with an awesome retro look to it
  • Its better than any similar parent toddler ride on we have had
  • The tummy bar opens from the middle so no tricky contortionist tricks to get your toddler in
  • The bag is roomy enough for the paraphernalia that goes with toddlers 
  • The choice of colours is awesome 
  • Its the perfect solution for helping inspire confidence and independence whilst keeping them close

Room for Improvement

  • The build was a little tricky, the handle bar need extra attention to line up and bolt together properly, but once sorted its brilliant
  • The price is high BUT you will get years out of this,and will e able to sell/pass it on for years to come. Although the rrp is £199 you can find it some high street stores a lot less expensive than that
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