Friday, 21 October 2016

Autum Activities with Toddlers

Today I have a guest post full of Autumn activities from Amanda who blogs at Motherisms


1. Go on anature walk

We love goingfor a walk to our local park in Autumn, and collecting leaves, acornsand conkers on our way. Armed with a carrier bag, Freyja usually setsoff on a little hunt to see what she can find.




2.Leaf printing
With the leaves you collect on your walk, rubsome paint on them and print them onto paper. You could use a paintbrush to do this but Freyja prefers to use her hands! Maybe in thekitchen is a good place for this activity - near the sink to cleanpainty hands! Here's some we did last year:

3.Halloween salt dough decorations
This really simple recipe forsalt dough is easy to make. Check out
TalesFrom A Geordie Goth's postfor more information! Kids of all ages can get involved with this Ithink. It's easy and fun to make!



4.Potato pumpkin printing
This is a great activity for kids of allages. Check out out this post from
RockAnd Roll Pussycat.Just cut a potato in half, and then carve a face into the choppedside. Dip into orange paint to create some fabulous pumpkin prints!


5.Pumpkin carving
We love this one! I usually buy a little childrenspumpkin carving set from the pound-shop for this activity so thatFreyja can get involved safely. We slice off the top, and then startto remove the seeds and pumpkin from the inside. (Save this for laterto make some pumpkin soup, and bake the seeds to add them to yoursoup! Recipe to follow - my Dads!)

6.Cotton bud skeletons
All you need for this is some black card,cotton buds, googly eyes and some pva glue. Just arrange the cottonbuds on the card to resemble a skeleton and stick in place usingglue. Add some googly eyes to finish!

7. Chocolatefireworks
These are so easy to make and always go down a treat inour house! Just dip the end of a chocolate finger in some warm water,and then dip that end into some sprinkles to look like a firework!



8. Bonfirecakes

Bakesome cakes, and decorate with orange icing. Butter icing piped onwould probably work best! Then add some chocolate sticks to resemblea bonfire!


Ilove these ideas and there is certainly enough to keep anyone busyover half term, thanks for sharing with us Amanda


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  1. Autumn is my favorite times, great weather, many activities, good food. This is a great time to create the memory with our family.
    Thanks for your suggest list. It makes me have more ideas.