Monday, 17 October 2016

Schleich Giant Volcano With T-Rex

Our new found love of Scheich is absolutely no secret so we were very pleased when this Scheich Giant Volcano landed on our doorstep.

It's a really lovely plays set filled with features that will spark hours of imaginative play, take a look at our video....


We Love

  • Great quality
  • It's huge! I mean you really get plenty for your pennies
  • The dinosaurs are great, filled with detail and they can be used with other Schleich dinosaurs to increase your play
  • The features are loads of fun with tumbling rocks and falling icicles there's lots to do
  • Schleich are such a lovely longstanding brand who build on the educational value of imaginative play, their toys are high quality simple but filled with features.

Room For Improvement

  • The build is tricky, you really have to ensure each step if fitted perfectly before moving on to the next, and build it where you want to play with it as it does not transport well

You can find out more about Schleich products on their website




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