Saturday, 3 September 2016

Teletubbies, Entertainment for Generations

We love Teletubbies and I certainly remember how popular they were first time around so I'm very pleased that they are back on the TV and my kids can watch them, Termite is a huge fan of her Teletubbies toys and really loved this latest  Teletubbies Pull and Play Noo Noo,  

'This giant electronic activity centre is packed with features! It has a 6-piece shape sorter and 3D Teletubbies character jigsaw to encourage problem solving and coordination. Noo-noo even picks up the magnetic custard splat, and makes custard slurping sound effects as it is pulled along- just like on the show! Press the buttons on the top for different Teletubbies speech and sound effects. Noo-noo has funny googly eyes and a spinning brush and is part of the new range from Character'

Here is Termite showing you how it works.....

Now then at £49.99 this aint cheap! But here are our thoughts...

We Love

  • The Storage! Oh so many toys have bits that have no places to be kept and then they get lost and aaaaargh it bugs me so much, but with the handy little storage bit this toy is neat and tidy!
  • Education - it has lights and sounds and colours, so many options for education play, great for problem solving and colour recognition and shape definition
  • It's robust
  • It is easily able to be played with by more than one child in an engaging manner
  • the sound effect are familiar to little people who have watched the show
Room for Improvement?
  • Batteries! Petty I know but I have this thing about toymakers not including batteries in their toys!

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