Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Laneway And Co

I remember when I could consider myself hip enough to frequent High Bridge on a Saturday afternoon before a night out (drifts off dreamily to Saturdays spent preparing for going 'out out') and its great to see that it's still a lovely place to head to for coffee, food, fun or fashion. Its also awash with pokemon-go treasures too apparently!

We headed to Laneway and Co on High Bridge after hearing high praise from fellow bloggers who had visited.

Laneway and Co is a new coffee shop owned by Nick who is passionate about coffee and really really knows his stuff. I probably disappointed him given that I don't like coffee at all but he impressed Mr Monkeyfeet with a lovely espresso and some more unique flavoured coffee from around the globe. 

He did have an impressive array of tea though and my chosen mint tea had a flavour that took me straight back to luxurious Egyptian holidays!

We had a lovely relaxed cuppa while the kids played with their new puzzles (free from a charity !) and sipped their babyccinos!(free with any adult purchase  Sadly Laneway don't currently have a non soya dairy alternative, but they do offer soya milk for the non awkward allergy sufferers amongst us. So Termite had some water which is available to customers free, we did chat about how Nick is looking into the best alternatives to soya milk as many don't steam well. Its lovely to hear establishments caring about what they offer and the quality they can provide.

Whilst we were in Laneway and Co there was a steady stream of trade and Nick was happy to chat to everyone offering advice and answering questions, I think he is going to be a big hit in Newcastle.

You can connect with Laneway and Co on Facebook and Twitter 

Our drinks were free but we were not asked to write this post 

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