Thursday, 8 September 2016

Brio Ride On Dachshund

There are not many toys that leave me wondering how best to describe their awesomeness but this Brio Ride On Dachshund has me a bit stumped, I know that this is the kind of toy that captures your heart and goes in the loft for your grandkids, its timeless and gorgeous, but that doesn't really express my utter love for it!

Termite loves is and zooms around the house on it and with an upper weight limit of 25kgs she still has plenty of play life left with it. Here is her video....

We Love
  • It is Sturdy
  • It was really easy to put together (under 5 minutes and no profanity)
  • Brio is a great brand with a fab heritage
  • Its sooooo cute
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful workmanship

Room for Improvement
I cant think of anything I'll be honest, my biggest concern for my readers would be that a £70 price tag is hefty but as I have seen it and seen how much Termite enjoys it, I can honestly say I would pay that for it, Its a real investment and I think it will last years, maybe even for the monkeyfooted grandchildren!

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