Friday, 23 September 2016

Brio Fire Rescue

We recently received this Brio Fire Rescue set to review, great news for us as we are huge brio fans and already have a lovely collection. This set retails at £39.99 and includes a trin and carraige , a fire engine and trailer two fire officers, lots of track with a bridge and crossing and the fire house.

You can see more in this video

We Love

  • I love the people in this set, they are pose-able and fix onto the ladders of the hose so are great for playing with
  • Its so easy to put together and is universal so fits with any other Brio Set
  • The bright clours
  • the noise of the fire engine ( agreat hit with termite as you can see0
  • The educational play value
  • The chunky pieces are great for little (and somewhat unco-ordinated bigger) hands 
  • Fab long lasting quality, Brio really is the type of brand that you can pass on to generations!

1 comment:

  1. I like brio and my kids love to play brio toys with their cousins. :-)