Friday, 16 September 2016

Back To School For Peanut - Another Goretex Big Day

There goes summer! Instead here comes back to to school and soggy socks from the wet school run!

My peanut likes to run and jump and play and so wet autumn days need some preparation because hteres just no stopping this little (well not so little anymore) adventurer. Last year we made the mistake of buying cheap, and we ended up buying twice! The sole came off  Peanut's cheapy boots and they let in water from day one. Wellies aren't comfortable enough to wear all day and certainly not the best for running around in  so we NEED comfy protective boots and these Superfit Goretex  ones are just the ticket...

Heel - 7-00179-01

Heres a little video too

I love how warm they are and stylish enough that Peanut will wear them everyday, and I know they are built to last and because they are made with  Goretex we have no soggy socks! What do you think? Do you ever buy cheap shoes or do you think its just not worth it in the long run?

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