Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Thaikun Kids Menu - Review

Coconut mojitos and maggots! Just a couple of highlights from our recent visit to Thaikun in the Metrocentre.

The restaurants theme is Thai Street food and they really have the vibe sorted from the bike outside, the old shipping container, pallet walls, old electrical equipment like fans and tvs for decoration hanging electrical cables, bare pipe taps and neon signs the place looks amazing and has a lovely atmosphere.

Staff were friendly explaining the menu and talking to us about Termites  allergies, which was no problem at all for them.  We did have a little confusion at being handed these kids menu's upon seating, 

choosing from this only to discover this was just for entertainment as it had colouring in on and this was the kids meal ...

Kids menus have bugs and Veggie sticks to start . The kids starters were small but for me perfect as it didn't spoil their appetite but did offer distraction while waiting, it would be nice to have an accompanying selection of  sauce samples for dipping just to encourage a kids to try a wider range of flavours.

The bugs! Two small pots of maggot type worms were given to us and we all tried them, and videod us all for evidence but in transferring my videos to an SD card I have corrupted all of my files so you will have to take my word for it! To be totally truthful they didn't really taste of much though.

For Mains the  kids all chose chicken and each chose a different sauce, I love that the sauce comes separate because it means you can try before you commit which was great as the BBQ sauce wasn't great, the satay however was lovely and the Curry really really tasty. The noodles looked plain to me and a bit stuck together and the kids left about half each of their noodle portions, we loved the dinner trays though and the chicken was tasty.

Dessert was a Mini Milk ice lolly! Obviously all of these have milk in but termite was promptly offered a mango sorbet.. 

Dessert for the kids in my opinion was a let down, the food we ate was amazing, tasted fresh and good quality so having a mini milk for dessert felt a bit manufactured, it would be lovely to see maybe a fresh juice lolly or just fruit salad  or something more in keeping with the style of the restaurant.

The adult menu has loads of options but we opted for the sharing starter of dumplings, Thai fish cakes, spring rolls and sticky beef . Our starters were awesome and.plentiful, everything was full of flavour and there was enough so that the kids could share with us too.

For mains we chose the pinto to share with red curry, beef with basil and chilli, sticky rice and pad thai chicken...

...the mains were perfectly portioned, and though we did both think they looked small when they arrived, we both commented how full we were after eating, so those serving tins are deceptive! We were so stuffed we couldn't order any of the delicious desserts.

3 kids meals, 2 cocktails and a beer came to £68 which is around average for our dining bills, and I think  priced reasonably for the food and service we received, the place was busy and everyone was served with the same friendly service.  Would we go back? Yes definitely. This has moved to the top of my husbands Qube favourites and the kids love love loved it.

There were some slow patches to the food service but I guess with fresh cooking this can happen. And although we didn't get any National Geographic Activities (and we love Nat Geo Kids) we did keep occupied making creations from the serving dishes!

***Disclosure we did not pay in full for this meal, all thoughts are our own***


  1. Good balanced review Karen. Pleased to hear they accommodated well for allergies - Arlo often gets left out at the dessert stage too!

  2. Love the idea of a sharing pinto xx