Thursday, 4 August 2016

Shibajuku Girls

Say what now? Shibajuku dolls? have you heard of them? Created by Madeline Hunter from Melbourne these dolls are larger than average and style on Harajuku and Sibuya street fashion from Japan. The girls are dressed very stylishly and come with accessories to share .....

We Love

  • Ok so we loved the doll (by we I mean Peanut!) she thought it was cool and trendy and loved the name Suki, she loved that they aren't everywhere so she has something unique.
  • They have fully posable limbs and glass eyes and real eye lashes
  • The outfits are easy to change around

Room for Improvement

  • The accessories weren't well made and some fell apart before we had even taken them from the dolls hair
  • For me, more normality please, less makes up and more normal body shapes for our young people to aspire too

Overall these are a nice alternative to skinny minny Barbies and much more normal than monster high. Priced at £24.99 they are more expensive, but more exclusive than Barbie and there are 5 very different dolls to collect, you can read about their characters and buy them exclusively in Smyths

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