Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre

Schleich are one of our favourite brands, they create great high quality educational toys and are passionate about encouraging engaging and educational play . So we jumped at the opportunity to review the Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre ...

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And oh my, Mammy Monkeyfeet is smitten never mind the minis (who also totally love this). Let me show you around ...

We Love ....

  • The attention to detail
  • The quality
  • The versatility
  • The collectable element, this gives people something to buy for birthdays and Christmas gifts that can add on for more play
  • Its great for imaginative free play
 Room for Improvement ?

OK I'm totally biased because I'm in love with this set, but trying to be impartial and offer a balanced review ..
  • The Price is high, at £99.99 this is a big gift BUT I really think its worth every penny, I would much rather spend the money on this than similarly priced 'block building' sets, which will either be built and left gathering dust or be built then thrown in a toy box never to be used again in their intended form because pieces are missing. At least this has hours, days, weeks even years of play in it.
  • The build wasn't the easiest, I will admit to swearing but the instructions were clear and the build when finished is sturdy.

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  1. oh i absolutely love the look of this and it looks like a great item which will last and can be past on to cousins MM loves horses i might have to add that to her Xmas list!