Friday, 5 August 2016

Ravensburger Science X Prehistoric Expedition

We love a good dino activity here at Monkeyfeet HQ so when Ravensburger's Science X Prehistoric Expedition arrived, promising over 15 activities we had one very excited Golden Child.

Here is his video

We Loved

  • The set is crammed with activities some solo and some that need help
  • The T rex was completed really quickly with no parental input and looked great
  • There are a wide range of things to do with loads of educational information to go alongside them

Room for Improvement

  • The additional equiptiment needed for the triops meant that we havent yet started them
  • The thermometer for the triops is ridiculously small and fiddly to check

Overall though this is an amazing set with loads of information, great ways to make learning not feel like learning and The Golden Child loved it, his poor sisters never got a look in!

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