Thursday, 4 August 2016

Grossery Gang Yucky Mart Review

You will probably have heard of Grossery Gang? We definitely had. They are like shopkins, trash packs, ugglys pet shops and all the other collectable (foot hurting) small objects that our kids adore? You know where I'm coming from don't you?

Well we were very pleased to be reviewing these nasties! Here's our video

We Love
The kids love playing with them, I love how much their imagination runs away when they are making up 'Grossery Store' shows
The set has plenty of interactive features
The kids love the collectable aspect of it

Room For Imporvement
Not much, the set was really fun it would be great to get more items included with the shop, with over 150 to collect we are going to have a lot of swapsies!

Priced at £19.99 the Yucky Mart is available from Flair Plc, you can also buy a host of other sets like this Mushie Slushie Set which is next on my shopping list apparently

Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Playset

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