Monday, 4 July 2016

To The Person Who Fat Shamed My Pal...

I really wanted to take a calm and reasoned approach to writing this post but I'm afraid I failed miserably. Fat Shaming is most horrid but its horrid times a billion when you do it to someone 8 weeks post partum! Yep my love when you look at someone carrying a teeny tiny baby and laugh at their tummy, YOU ARE JUST MEAN!

This is my amazing pal

and her equally lovely family

Let me tell you when she told me that someone  fat shamed her I was stunned! On a post about my training she said 

 'You're doing brilliantly Karen! I should come and join you!  I was fat shamed today  😡
they asked if I was going to have another baby. I replied with my standard "I will if you do" to which she said "no, I mean you look like you are already going to have another baby! " and pointed at my 8 week post-partum belly whilst giggling. 😡/😢

Yip, I felt really REALLY good about myself ' 

I was really cross but I kept quiet, then when she bravely stood up on facebook to say how it upset her, 

after reading this I knew I wanted to say some shit! Here goes...

Let me tell you about my mate, my mate is a life saver (like an actual saver of lives) she is an awesome mam, a gorgeous person, she is kind and generous and she brought me soup, biscuits and cleaned my kitchen when I had mastitis and my transplant was rejecting all at the same time! She bakes an awesome cake, cooks a rockingly good ANYTHING, she puts her family at the forefront of everything going as far as working night shift then not going to bed until 12 hours later and playing awesome games and taking her kids to clubs and activities when most of us would hoy on cbeebies and chuck sweets at them until it was bed time! She is lush and she is my mate, she would actually be my (non husband sharing) sister wife if ever there was a house big enough to accommodate us in our 'it takes a village commune'

Let me tell you some things I have assumed about you dear fat shamer... 
  • You have no manners, I'm not even sorry for saying it! Anyone who tells a woman she looks pregnant again 8 weeks after she gave birth is rude, plain and simple. EVERYBODY knows the rules. If she has a newborn you tell her she looks great even is she is covered in sick and crap and snot and her boob is hanging out because she is so sleep deprived she forgot to lop it back in (but in that instance it is not rude to whisper in her ear and tell her the ladies are on display)
  • You may not be aware of certain biological post baby issues, mostly after giving birth women won't ovulate until at least 21 days, that is three weeks, even if she got pregnant right then she would be only 5  weeks and let me tell you nobody, not even me with my ginormous tanker size pregnancy belly would be showing any kind of bump at 5 weeks  so your comment was blatantly just set out to cause pain
  • Its none of your beeswax if she is up the stick or not! Until she volunteers the information DO NOT ASK
  • Your opinion shouldn't matter but it does so you should be careful what you say
  • You need a hug, truly you need someone to tell you you are great because you obviously have some insecurities if you need to exude such meanness to others
  • You are forgiven, but please never ever be unkind to my mate again, half of my mam mates have become rather mafia like in their protection of this kind funny sweet lass and I really would not mess with them ! So yes we forgive you because it appears you are just an unhappy and bad mannered troubled soul, perhaps if you are reading this you may well change your ways very soon
  • Be Kinder, compliment people, tell them they look good, they have nice shoes or you like their hair,  ANYTHING at all just start spreading some love about and it may make you feel better
  • Lastly,  from now on if your words are not nice, keep them in your gob!
Mamakamba we love you 

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  1. What a great post, women can be so awful to each other and it is so unnecessary. Your friend looks great!