Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Lion Gaurd New Toy Launch

I love The Lion King and now my kids do too and they are loving the spin off series of The Lion Gaurd

The Lion Guard is an amazing TV series for little ones based on the classic Lion King movies. The series follows Kion, the youngest child of Simba, as he follows in his dad’s footsteps and protects the beautiful Pride Lands.

You can imagine they were happy to get stuck into the latest range of toys just newly launched on 2nd July. Heres our video 

The toys just launched on 2nd of July and there is  much excitement in the toy world they are expected to be very popular! Toys available are 

  • Defend the Pride Lands Play Set –includes Kion figure and six interactive features RRP £39.99
  • Mini Figures - A blind bag containing a collectible figure from the show, there is even a limited edition rare figurine for children to hunt down! RRP £2.49. 
  • Figures are also available in a set with accessories. Kids can collect up to four different characters and accessories including Kion and a topping wall! RRP £9.99
  • Lion Gaurd 5 pack, RRP £12.99

As you can see from our unboxing video the kids loved the toys and they encourage fab imaginative play.Toys are available from Flair Plc

Join in with the #LionGaurdToys twitter party on 6th July at 1pm just follow @UkMumsTv

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