Saturday, 9 July 2016

My 40 by 40 Bucket List

Today I turned 39, and it dawned on my that I have been planning my 'things to do in my 40th lead up' for almost 2 years, since before my last birthday in fact,  thinking all the while that I had loads of time! Well now I'm in that year here is my final (or maybe nearly final) Bucket list for the next 365 days.....
  1. Wing walk
  2. Do something amazing for charity
  3. Visit St Marys Light House
  4. See the wildlife at The Farne Islands 
  5. Visit somewhere I've never been abroad
  6. Visit somewhere I've never been in the UK
  7. Camp out 
  8. Try a new food
  9. Organise a blog conference
  10. Become a size 14 
  11. complete couch to 5k
  12. Run a great North run
  13. Swim in an open water swim
  14. Carry out 40 random acts of kindness
  15.  Meet 40 new people
  16. Learn enough Greek to hold a conversation
  17. Live somewhere new
  18. Learn to meditate
  19. Hold a proper plank for 3 minutes
  20. Climb a tree
  21. Throw a party
  22. Meet someone famous (I have no idea how I will manage this)
  23. Have more girls nights out
  24. Make a dress on the sewing machine
  25. Re-upholster a chair
  26. Crochet a blanket
  27. Knit a hat
  28. Grow a Cucmber plant (I will not be defeated!)
  29. Master a perfect Yorkshire pudding
  30. Learn the yoga headstand (I've been influenced by a pal on this one)
  31. Zip Line somewhere fantastic
  32. Work on my self belief (not a tangible one but important none the less
  33. Volunteer some of my time
  34. Sail something (kayak, ship, yacht?!?!?!)
  35. Have a night at the bingo!
  36. Stay at Smiths Hotel again 
  37. Read 40 books!
  38. Cycle 40 km
  39. Create at least 40 new Vlogs for my YouTube Channel
  40. Think of a reason to be cheerful every single day (I'd love if you joined in with this)

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