Saturday, 2 July 2016

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to My Man

This week I want to share  how thankful I am for my lovely husband, today we celebrate 10 years of marriage (10 years ago almost to the exact minute!)

He is no touchy feely hearts and flowers  guy, grand gestures and declarations of love are not his style, but he is my rock, my hero, my protector and provider and he makes me laugh every day, I swear that's how he won my heart!

He has coped through many years and tantrums (all mine) during 3 pregnancies. He has supported me in giving up my career, helped me adjust to a life without it, shown good humour and brilliant kindness during many long hard nights of sleeplessness and occasionally shows pure perfect affection in surprising ways, like the first night home with Peanut when he prepared an indoor picnic which we ate in bed all snuggled together, 

I'm grateful that 15 years ago I decided to go along to a night out with a friends work, for that night changed my life and led to this very lovely child filled messy chaotic and fabulous life we have now!