Saturday, 25 June 2016

Benefit Brow Bar

I was recently invited along to try out The Benefit Brow Bar at Debenhams in Intu Eldon Square. I love Benefit and was very excited to be heading along for my eyebrow mapping (that is a real thing I swear)

Dean was my Brow aficionado for the day and he was really great, explaining everything he was doing and asking loads of questions about my skin and makeup routines. He explained that normally they would recommend a tint as it lasts longer with great results but as I have a right dodgy time with my eyes and hadn't had a patch test I declined on this occasion, but I've had my patch test for next time.

Dean measured where my eyebrows should be for optimum arch appeal by making lines in relation to my nose, corners of my eyes and the measurements of my eyebrows.he showed me what they would look like with a tint and then he set to work waxing the strays and adding a bit of shape. I have recently had a little too much waxed from my eyebrows and I'm trying to let them grow in thicker as the edges are really dismally thin. So I should tell you that I've never had an eyebrow wax as painless as this one!! I don't know how but it just didn't hurt at all, barely any redness and it was very quick! I should have gotten him to do my upper lip while he had me in his chair, because that normally geet knacks (geordie translator: really really hurts!)

Dean then used a host of product to WOW my Brows. He used Browvo Conditioning Primer which promotes lush brow growth and condition apparently, Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Gimme Brow for some extra colour, and then Ready Set Brow for some extra shape and to set . These products were only launched on Friday so they may well be in high demand yoou can pop into a store to check them out and use the great colour match guide to choose the most suitable from the 6 choices available.

I'm going to be truthful here I got a bit of a shock when I looked in the mirror as my brows looked so dark and defined and, erm, in 39 years I've never once used an eyebrow pencil or product! But they certainly made a difference.

Next up I was show to the make up counter and talked through different products that were being used for my make over. I really don't wear a lot of makeup and I think I disgusted my lovely make up artist when I informed her my routine involves slapping on my BB cream with my fingers like a moisturiser and that's about it! So we went for a dewy look and she used primer, foundation, powder, highlighter, blusher and bronzer and lippy to achieve the finished look....

Overall, I have to be honest there was such a difference in my brows I felt a little conspicuous but you must remember that I wear very little make up, so I took to social media, as you do, and the opinions were positive and reassuring 

nobody gasped in shock at the school gates and lots of people said they thought it was a great look for me. 

I can definitely see a difference and Dean did a cracking job, So if you are looking for a little subtle change in your look you should definitely pop along and let Dean (or any of the other Brow experts) Wow Your brows 

What do you think to my makeover then? Do you use brow products? I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. I'm chuckling at you saying getting your lip waxed geet knacks. Brilliant. I think most busy mams just whack on some BB cream so you aren't alone. The after looks great but it's a lot of time when you are chasing after tots!

  2. You look fab, loving the new brows. My brows are shocking due to over plucking when I was younger x

  3. You honestly really suit the brows - takes years off :D