Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Star Wars Craft Tutorial - Jabba The Hut

We love a nice bit of crafting here at Monkeyfeet HQ and this Star Wars craft activity to create a home made Jabba the Hut was a real winner with everyone. Its super easy although time consuming but most importantly Peanut no longer wants us to spend a fortune on a toy Jabba as she totally loves the one she made with Dad!

You will need
A cardboard box
A bowl of water
PVA Glue
Black marker pen
Air drying clay or plasticine
Green , Brown, Red  and Black Paint
A newspaper or magazine

Rip up some cardboard boxes , the uncoated ones work best, and soak in a bowl of water

Grab some handfuls of wet card and squeeze together to form your basic Jabba shape (giant slug) squeezing out exess water at the same time

Place the pulp Jabba onto a safe surface somewhere warm to dry, this will take around 24 hours

You will need to make arms and bulging eyes, we used air drying clay as we had some but you could use, salt dough, Plasticine or even more card pulp

Now you need to coat the Jabba in strips of newspaper/magazine/catalogue and PVA glue ensure its well covered with around 3 layers then leave to dry

Paint over with a coat of PVA glue and dry again

Now the Jabba is ready to paint

He should be a mixture bottle green, dark green, sludge colour all over paint his arms too

Paint his eyes a reddy brown with dark pupils and allow to dry

Draw on nostrils and a mouth 

Stick on his arms and eyes and et voila

 The Jabba palace and stand are made out of old boxes cut and painted and were ready in less than half an hour!