Monday, 16 May 2016

Donating Hair To The Little Princess Trust

I've been meaning to tell you all about my hair donation to The Little Princess Trust for ages! In fact I actually had all my hair chopped off way back in august 2015!

So last year I was talking to my little girl about poorly children and how they can lose their hair but there are specialist charities who can help them get wigs if they want to. A child in her school was undergoing treatment and has lost their hair and so I told her how I was going to have my hair cut short and donate it to The Little Princess Trust.

A little while later we were invited to try out Pikku in Gosforth and while there Peanut surprised the life out of me by saying she too wanted to donate her hair and had it chopped really short. You can read all about our visit and see her hair transformation here.

I should say I hate having my hair cut, I cant explain why but i really do and so I had no hairdresser in mind to do the big chop. But my Aunt loves her hairdresser and sings his praises highly so I decided to contact him and ask if he was ok to follow the guidelines set out for a successful hair donation.

When I got to his salon, which is gorgeous by the way...

...Peter told me that he wouldn't take any money for the cut and set about chopping of my locks

He was so lovely during the whole cut and chatted about what he was doing and why, I swear he must be a mind reader, when he said he was cutting under my hair to stop be looking like I was wearing Darth Vader's helmet they were the exact words in my head! I have really thick hair you see and sometimes a short cut just makes me look bonkers. But Peter worked his magic and I loved my new 'do'

Refusing again to take any money from me Peter waved me off with my two long plaits ready for posting, I have to say I was  amazed that even on a nice Summer evening my neck felt flipping freezing without my long hair there. The plaits were sent off to Little Princess Trust where they will hopefully,  if the quality was good enough, be turned into a wig for a child in need.

Id love for you to pop over to Peter Marsh Hairdressing's facebook page and pop them a like for their generosity (and magic cut) and if you are ever considering going from long to short keep Little Princess Trust in mind and maybe pop them a like too 


  1. ah thats a lovely thing to do Karen and how nice of Peter to cut it for free!