Saturday, 30 April 2016

Black Widow Disney Dress Up

It's no secret that (hoorah) my eldest girl has lost interest in princesses and pink. Star Wars was the catalyst to change my girl into a wannabe kick ass heroine, and whilst she's never watched any Marvel Movies she has yelled 'Black Widow' excitedly every time she has seen the advert for Capatain America Civil War. So when Disney offered to send us a Black widow dress up to celebrate the release of the movie we were over the moon.

Here is Peanut as Black Widow.....

We love the dress up, its great quality and will last a while even for my rapidly growing eldest girl.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Taking A Break

This month has been a tough one at Monkeyfeet HQ, returning from a fantastic holiday with a sick child who was rushed into hospital. Followed by ten days of 3 sick children, a husband having an operation and now the terrible loss of my amazing Mam in Law has left us needing time out and space to regroup. So my lovely monkeyfeet readers please don't think I have deserted you . We will be back in a week or so with lots of posts, until then here's a picture of the REAL US ...

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Get Little Mix To Olivia

I really never normally do stuff like this, because lets be honest I may have written for Huffington Post (do you see how I seamlessly dropped that in ha ha) but I know little old me doesn't really have enough clout despite my obviously amazingly (pahahahaa)  blog ; -), to convince supestar pop goddesses to do anything. Buuuuut I want to call upon the power of the blogger and combine that with the power of the mighty Sand-dancer (thats someone from South Shields if you didn't know) to see if I can maybe get this message to the lovely lasses of Little Mix !

My pal has  twin nieces and we were chatting about them at school today. Sophie and Olivia are 8 on Tuesday and as a special treat they got tickets to see Little Mix.

Olivia has had more than 25 operations in her little life including a kidney transplant in 2013 and just recently a major spinal surgery and she has done it all with courage, grace and a smile on her face

But  the docotrs have told her she is not well enough following her recent surgery to attend the concert! Devastated doesn't come close for poor Olivia, she is such a huge fan of Little Mix and has been ooking forward to this for ages, its been the thing she has focused on through her recent surgery.

Her Mam wants to do anything she an to help her daughters feel better and she would love if Little Mix could help her

So lovely Little Mix lasses if there is anything you can do to cheer up amazing Olivia then the folk of Shields and the bloggers of the North East would be mighty mighty grateful.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

When Your Child Is In Hospital

Last Saturday Peanut who never normally gets up in the night, came to our room to say she couldn't sleep. After checking all the usual's... drink, loo, temp etc. I asked if she wanted to just sleep in with us (we were still on holiday and there was a spare bed in our room of the suite) The next morning she woke feeling a bit grumpy and with several very large and some small mosquito bites on her hands and arms. We had a lazy day and she seemed to feel better so we thought no more of it. Sunday evening however, on the flight home she was hot, grumpy and unwell we gave her paracetamol (never travel without) and she slept most of the way home, then because we landed at around midnight  we checked into our hotel to get some rest before the drive back from Manchester and through the night she was burning up so she had more paracetamol. I should add here that since age 1 she has reacted with urticaria  (hives) to Ibuprofen and so we have been told not to use it for her at all.

By morning I knew she wasn't right, she wouldn't eat anything at breakfast not even the freshly prepared waffle with Nutella which is her favourite. I called our GP to say we were heading back from Manchester and could they squeeze us in. I'll be honest with her reaction to the mosquito bites which were swollen and raised I was worried she had an infection in her system. We couldn't be seen until 4pm and when we got to the doctors there was much concern that we had recently travelled, that she had bites and that her heart rate was 162, Her breathing slower than normal with her oxygen levels at 94 and her temperature at 40.9 he sent us straight to our Paediatric Emergency Department.

Normally there'd be a short wait in this department but we were seen within minutes and taken straight to a bed for monitoring,
She did not enjoy the regular BP , Oxygen and Temperature checks

As peanut can't have ibuprofen she was given more paracetamol but her temperature was not coming down. I asked the nurses if we could maybe speak to a doctor about the benefits of ibuprofen outweighing the risk of an allergic reaction but nobody was very keen and so we kept pushing fluids and monitoring her stats. All of her numbers were still not great and then she started vomiting and  I won't lie, I said may prayers and I begged my poor lethargic girl to get better.

She slept a bit and because we have no children's ward any more (ooh that is a whole other rant though)  there is no space for parents to sleep like there would be on a ward. I really didn't care as I had no plans to sleep but  the nurses brought me a cushion and sheet insistent that I  try to make myself comfortable.
My makeshift bed for the night!
They do such a fab job with what they have, considering lots of them came from the now closed children's ward and I know they would prefer to give patients and their families the comfort of a dedicated ward. We are however still very lucky to have the resources we have.

Peanuts little corner of the ward 

We still didn't know quite what was causing the sky high temperature. Thankfully her heart rate came back into normal range and her BP was a nice healthy figure within a few hours but her oxygen remained at 94/95 and her temperature remained high. Finally at midnight we saw another doctor who stated tonsillitis and agreed that as Peanut was in a safe place and had only had  minor previosus reactions to Ibuprofen and  not anyphylactic ones that we really had no other choice but to try Ibuprofen and keep a close eye for a reaction, we would follow that up with antibiotics and see how we improved. Our nightshift Doctor was calm, polite, eager to listen, keen to ensure I understood everything and really very lovely. So she had the ibuprofen and we waited and watched....MAN ALIVE within an hour we were back normal temperature, normal breathing BP and oxygen! She even asked for a Smarties mini egg so I knew we had turned a corner.

After being monitored some more we got home early Tuesday morning and I can't express how relieved and grateful I am for the Doctors and Nurses who kept me calm, kept Peanut safe and fed me tea at regular intervals

I never in a million years thought a simple (or so I thought) thing like Tonsillitis could make someone as sick as my poor girl was, she had me worried sick and even the nurses said she was a concern (that's when you know its time to worry!) The importance and value of our NHS should never ever be underestimated. If  this had happened one day earlier we would have been in a Greek hospital paying for every single bit of our treatment, admittedly we have a cracking insurance policy because my travel training keeps with me the cost of repatriating sick people and I will never travel without a decent policy. But the cost and the horror of being stuck away from home with a sick baby (yes yes I know shes 7!) is not even worth thinking about right now. I'm counting my blessings that she is home and slowly on the mend (and I'm not talking about  how the other two have caught the bug as well!!!!)
Cuddles and blankets for us
I'm counting my blessings that our GP sent us to the hospital and that our NHS is staffed by dedicated and hard working nurses, doctors, health care assistance and everyone else and Im grateful to every single one of you who messaged me to offer, food, cake, childcare, hugs distractions and sympathy. It helped A LOT I'm hoping and praying that Mr Cameron wakes up to the value of the NHS and invests more time and money in a beautiful and life saving resource

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Num Noms The Next Big Craze in Collectables

If you watch any childrens TV I'm sure you have seen the adverts this weeks, showing the newly launched Num Noms? These are scented collectables which you can stack up, play with, race and some are even lip glosses too!

Aimed at age 5 and above these were a great hit in our house and I can see them taking off much like Trash Packs or Shopkins, prices start at £2.99 for a surprise pack and go up to £24.99 for the big playset.

Heres what Team Monkeyfeet thought....

Num Noms are available in Tesco from 28th March and id get in quick because I think these will be loved, played with and traded a LOT!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Love North East Linky April

Welcome back to #LoveNorthEast. April is here and you may well be in the middle of your school holidays with the kids, or you are trying to avoid all of the kids on their school holidays?! Never fear our brilliant bloggers always provide a fabulous range of ideas on thigs to do and places to go sharing amazing places from around the North East. My faourite post from last month was a gift guide from Nellys Cupcakes, now I know Mothers day has already passed but some of these gifts were gorgeous and I'd be happy with them any time (eeh I do hope the Husband is taking notes!)How It Works#LoveNorthEast is a place for North East bloggers to link up their favourite posts of the month so they are all in one convenient place - it's a fab way to build our community, discover new bloggers and receive extra views and comments on posts you would particularly like to shine.Featured PostThe Rules1 - Add our badge (copy and paste the code below into the HTML of your blog post at the bottom. If you are confused - just ask and we'll do our best to help). Alternatively, you can add a text link to this post or Sam's #LoveNorthEast post at the bottom of your blog post so people know where to find us. 2 - Comment on both host posts and a couple more in the linky. It is GOOD to share the love!3 - You can link up one post every month. Posts must be written by a NE blogger or be based in the NE. Business posts are also welcome and posts can be old or new.Bloggers that don't play by the rules will have their posts removed. Sam and I put a lot of work into promoting NE bloggers and blogs and it only takes 2 minutes to follow the above steps and keep us happy.In return we will:-1 - Both comment on every post that takes part.2 - Share our favourite posts across our own social media (combined 20k+ followers).3 - Both choose our favourite blog to showcase in next month's post.Grab our badgeAdd this HTML code to the bottom of your post or add a text link back to this page

North East Family Fun

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