Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Tyneside Bar Cafe, Afternoon Tea Review

Samantha from North East Family Fun and I haven't had the best luck when dining our together, two previous disappointing meals out, added to several disasters meaning we have stood one another up meant that today's arrangement to try out Afternoon Tea at Tyneside Bar Cafe was long awaited, much anticipated and I tell you my friends it DID NOT disappoint.

I have to state right off I love Tyneside Cinema it has so much to offer loads of events, great movies, its so family friendly and for parents or carers of young babies they even run Bringing in Baby, an opportunity to watch a movie with a drink and cake and you can bring the little one with you, without worrying about disturbing folk as everyone is in the same boat!

Anyway back to our gorgeous afternoon tea, you have to book in advance for a freshly prepared afternoon tea at a cost of £10.95. We had booked a table in which was reserved for us at the back of the cafe, this is the area they also screen their brunch movies, or kids movies in the holidays.

We were shown to our seats and our drinks brought over (my favourite Ringtons Tea) promptly followed by a huge cake stand filled with delights from the kitchen, 

Chef Tom Adlam provides a beautiful selection of sandwiches, cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel, humus and roasted vegetable ciabatta and a beautiful avocado creation in soft white bread. The sandwiches were huge and I could only manage two, well I didn't wanted to take up valuable cake space right?

Next a gorgeous warm freshly baked scone nestled alongside clotted cream, preserve and butter (not on my scone but each to their own) perfectly crumbly and melt in the mouth and truly delicious.

And now the cakes, my oh my ....

The square shaped one  with the swirl was a gorgeous smelling coffee cake, I will fess up, both Sam and I left this, Sam because she knows when enough is enough and me, well I can't abide coffee (although it looked and smelled amazing!) or else I would have forced myself despite being full! Never fear though , a lady on the next table was eyeing our goodies and was quick as a flash to take them off our hands when she knew we weren't having them!

The oval shape was a light moist carrot cake with perfect frosting on the top, absolutely lovely but the piece de resistance (did you say it in a French accent?) for me was this ball of nutty chocolatey goodness ....

Now I'm sure you have read Sam's review so I wont lie, today faced with this gorgeous medley of delights I honestly truly forgot that I have given up chocolate for lent, I will however say I'm struggling to feel guilty every time I think about this cake my mouth waters! A perfect combination of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy and rich velvety chocolate flavour. Man alive its honestly the best cake I've tasted! Chef if you ever want to share the recipe I'd be a fan for life, actually who am I kidding I am fan for life after today, but I would sill love the recipe!

Ok I have waffled enough, I'm still full from my gorgeous Afternoon tea, the Tyneside Bar Cafe, It is  a lovely bustling place to be, with great attentive service very family friendly and they didn't flinch when I pointed out my daughter's allergies, happily checking with chef on what she could eat, the place is clean, pleasant and provides fabulous food I will be back again without any hesitation.

If you are still looking for a treat for Mothering Sunday (thats this Sunday People), look no further ...

Afternoon Tea and Mamma Mia
Sunday 6 March

Come and treat Mum to a slap-up afternoon tea at the Tyneside Bar Cafe at only £18 per person or £22 with a glass of prosecco, and settle back with a screening of Hollywood's much-loved take on Abba and Bollywood, MAMMA MIA.

You'll enjoy Chef Tom Adlam's Oscar-winning fresh sandwiches, a selection of home-baked cakes, scones with clotted cream and Rington's tea or coffee with endless refills.

PLUS you'll get to enjoy Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan in the uproarious story of a bride-to-be trying to find her real father told using hit songs by the ABBA.

Call 0191 227 5522 to make your booking.

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  1. It was so good to catch up and I am going to return soon for those amazing scones xx