Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Sadness of Mothers Day

Today on Mothering Sunday your facebook feed is probably full of pictures of gifts and cards and Mummy's being spoiled which is beautiful and lovely and heart warming.

I just want to give a virtual hug to anyone for whom today is tinged with sadness, there are many reasons that people have a shadow of sadness today and they shouldn't feel guilty for that sadness. No matter how much joy today bring (or not) heartache can still feel worse on this day,

Today is one of my most favourite days because my kids always go mental trying to make the day special, they cant keep a surprise in and they are my hearts delight. BUT I have a Mum who doesn't see me, has never seen her youngest two grandchildren and has only seen Peanut a handful of times, her choice and I'm afraid also her loss. But every year on Mothers Day I can be guaranteed a difficult and painful phone call with her and so part of my mind is always sad for the relationship we could have.

But hey at least she is still here, I can hear her voice (no matter what it is saying) by just picking up the phone. Many are not so lucky, I know so many with Mam's taken too soon, those who's Mam had a good long life but still nothing can fill that void even those Mam's with children to surround them with love today will still ache for the loss. And every one of them would give up all the money in the world for one more Mammy hug!

Children watching their Mam suffer knowing with heartache that this will be the last Mothering Sunday together in this world.

There are women who haven't been blessed with children to love, who see these happy posts and try as they might will not be able to fight away the physical pain that wanting children brings.

I know today is a happy and joyous day and I do not wish to take the shine off your day, but if you know someoone who's heart will be aching just a little or maybe a huge lot today, please please send them a nice text, drop round for a cuppa, tell her how very special she is in your life and give her a hug.

And to all the Mums who don't belong to me but have taken part in my life and made it better, made me stronger or let me be a blathering wreck while you told me all would be well... I love you and I am thankful for your part in my Motherhood training.


  1. I hope you have s lovely day with your three children. It must be hard not seeing your own mum , I lost my mum when I was younger so I know what a mix of emotions the day can bring xx

    1. Ah lovely lady I had a peaceful day surrounded by love

      I sorry about your mum but i hope you had a day of love too