Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Interplay Woodland Fairy Door

Deep in the heart of the squirrel wood stood a statue of the king of squirrels, his job was to guard over the fairy's who protect and care for the squirrels of the forest and he does this by watching over their secret woodland fairy door. At dusk when the light is low the fairies creep out and help the squirrels find food and make sure they are happy and well....

OK this is not quite true but such is the imagination of our children that this is the story created by playing with this simple woodland door!

The door is similar to the the Secret fairy door which we loved last year and so the kids were really happy to take this on our trip to Keilder and install it (temporarily) in the forest.

The differences are that this is slightly smaller but comes with removable base pegs so that you can choose to either fix it into the ground or stick it to a wall.

The doors are great fun, positively encourage imaginative play and are a great starting point for education too, we learned lots about squirrels thanks to the interest piqued by the little squirrel that came in the box.

With an rrp of £9.99, which is the price for the door, squirrwl and a fairy) these are a great price for a gift or special treat and you will love the imaginative stories that come from just letting the kids lead you!

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