Monday, 21 March 2016

10 Super Snacks

My kids are big fans of snack time, in fact we have it at least twice a day when we aren't at school so I'm always on the look out for easy prep (preferably no cook) snack ideas. One thing we really love to use both in and out of the house is this snakeez.

I'm going to be truthful I didn't want to love it quite as much as I do, because lets face it with an rrp of £9.99 its a fairly expensive piece of kid kit. But I really do think its awesome and the kids fight over who gets to use it ( obviously I now have to buy another 2!) here's our vlog review...

OK so here are our 10 favourite go to snacks
  1. Cheereos with raisins - honestly I think the kids spend as much time inserting each raisin into a cheerio than they do eating but hey 30 minutes of quiet is not to be sniffed at, right?
  2. Apple, cheese grapes (cut lengthways to stop choking risk!) and ritz cakers
  3. Geo Bars from traidcraft 
    These are a new discovery for us, we were sent 3 boxes, one apricot, one berries and one chocolate. I love the ethics behind the bars, with responsibly sourced fair trade ingredients but I also loved that they are full of delicious mix of wholesome natural ingredients with  lots of fruit and seeds, taste awesome and my Termite can have the fruity ones as they are dairy and soya free you can read more about them here. But i promise they are really tasty a great breakfast quick fix if you are in a rush (ALWAYS) and they went down a storm here at Monkeyfeet HQ
  4. Flap Jacks - we make these in no time at all by mixing, oats, mixed dried fruit, a mashed banana, a dollop of peanut butter and a glug of choc shot a big squeeze of honey and some olive oil. I never measure but you just need a stiff sticky mixture, then spread it in a lined baking tray about 2 cm thick and bake on moderate for 15 minutes, allow to cool then chop and enjoy.
  5. Cheerio Tray Bake - I love this recipe from My Fussy Eater its so easy and tasty, although as I'm not a fan of sprinkles I leave them off for us (selfish mama) 
  6. Bread Sticks and Hummus or soft cheese for my dairy eaters
  7. Crustless Quiche- mix up 3 eggs some ham, cottage cheese , cheese and sweetcorn then bake in oiled muffin trays until cooked through. Totally gorgeous as a cold quick snack
  8. Hummus Snails - we spread humus on tortilla wraps, roll tightly then chop about 1cm thick slices so they look like swirl snails
  9. Strawberries and Apricots
  10. Soreen Squidgy Cakes
    We discovered the banana bar version of these lunch box friendly snacks a little while ago as we found out they were dairy and soya free for Termite so I was eager to try out the new Toffee and Chocolate flavours with the big kids (sadly these are not dairy free0 the kids liked them a lot but declared they were too small! I love that they are under 100 calories so I don't feel guilty snacking on them 

So tell me your favourite snack ideas, I'm always keen to try new ideas

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