Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mammy's On The Telly

So you may have read my post about being kind, and more importantly not listening to your inner bully. Well this week I did something so far beyond my comfort zone Im actually quite stunned that I survived!

Its really not that dramatic, but I should set the scene for you. I have stage fright, I suffer quite badly, when I was chosen to be Mary in year 6 everyone was so happy for me but I honestly couldn't make myself act, I forgot most of my words stared blankly into the audience and almost cried with fear. When I was 13 I was chosen to be on a game show called Knock Knock, all was going well until they said 'Camera's Rolling' and I felt it happen, the fear crept up my body making me stare blankly at the presenter and even though I knew the answers I couldn't make my fingers move to press the button. Surprisingly I took drama at GCSE and then went on to work in theatre for over a decade but I have never ever set foot on stage again. 

So when I decided I was going to seize all the opportunities I was offered this year, I didn't dream that the first to come knocking on my door would be the invitation to be a guest on Made in Tyne and Wear's Press Pit current affairs show.

I was asked to chose some news stories and we would chat with the panel about them. I was so scared when I was driving to the filming, and I'll be honest I wanted to cancel but I knew that would cause problems for the production company so I swallowed my fear and went through with it. 

The show can be seen in four parts on catch up....

It was actually not as bad as I expected, I could list you at least 10 things I should have done differently or that I hated about watching it back. BUT I'm not repeating my inner bully because she is a grumpy cow and I'm endeavouring to ignore her, so as cringe worthy as it is for me, I'm sharing my 5 (well 45) minutes of fame. I'm hoping as I have been invited back that means they didn't think I was a blundering buffoon !

You can find out more about the programmes on Made in Tyne and Wear on their website

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