Wednesday, 10 February 2016

10 Signs That You Are Living With a Threenager

Today I have a guest post from the very lovely Chantelle, Mum to FOUR girls who writes at Mama Mummy Mum.




Today she describes what its like living with a THREENAGER! I swear if your kids are over four you'll be nodding along....


By definition a threenager is a child whohas reached the grand old age of three yet proceeds to act and sound like ateenager. There was me thinking the terrible twos were bad and really I thoughtI had a few years before I had to endure the perils that come with a teenager.Just incase you weren't sure yourself, here a 10 sure fire signs that you areindeed living with a threenager….

1. Your first sign, the back chat,the attitude, oh it's like hearing my former teenage self some days, the wordno gets said to me far to often these days!


2. Theword why becomes the main part of their vocabulary, trying to refrain fromreplying with the sentence "just because" is a real struggle attimes.


3. Tables are quickly turned when you want to talk tothem, the only answers you'll get are "I don't know" or "I can'tremember".


4. However in public they seem to have no filter,"mummy why is that man fat", "you have a really big spot on yourface", all the niceties come out then.


5. Stubbornness, I mean independence issuddenly a must, they can do it all for themselves, until they can't that is.For example putting their shoes (on the wrong feet) and then suddenly they areall but begging you to do it for them.


6. Leading to the fact that you now need anextra few hours in the day because getting out of the door takes twice the timeit used to.


7. Naps are a thing of the past and ofcourse they then get mad because they really do need a nap, why won't they justgo to sleep?? But when you want them to do something suddenly they become tired, convenient!


8. Thesmallest of things become the biggest of dramas (maybe because they need anap!), it could be as simple as you look at them "funny" and all hellbreaks loose, be prepared for those tantrums. Have you noticed threenagers tendto be rather moody!?


9. Mealtimes become a battle, foods that they used to love are no longer consideredacceptable and then there's the time it takes them to eat and don't even thinkabout giving them different cups orcutlery…


10. Gone are the pushchairs, of coursethreenagers want to walk everywhere until the "I'm tired" excusecomes out and they really need to be carried but they're not as small as theyonce were and carrying them becomes difficult shall we say.


So now you've gone through points 1 to10, the only question to ask is are you living with a threenager?

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  1. A threenager sounds a lot like a tween. I have a tween and still nodded along to most of these!