Monday, 11 January 2016

Unboxing The Newly Launched Teletubbies Toys

If you are a parent of any child under about 4 then you will not have missed the 2015 return of Teletubbies, if you just read that sentence and said o yourself 'return, what's she on about, Teletubbies are new' then honestly you are blessed by youth and I hate you! No I'm joking I dont hate you but I am old enough to remember the hoo hah of trying to get Teletubbies toys for younger cousins when they sold out EVERYWHERE.

We were privileged when Character asked us to be a Teletubbies reviewer! Its been so hush hush though that I couldn't reveal the toys we would be reviewing until now....

Our talking plush, Po and Tinky Winky are absolute favourites with termite (and the big kids) they are super soft but have firm faces which makes them feel really real, if that makes sense? They aren't just like normal soft toys and I really think Termite believes Po is now her bestie! Priced at £9.99 I think these are really reasonable and would make the perfect gift.

The smaller plush we recieved is great for bed time, super soft and no distracting noises, and priced at £6.99 i think this is a great toy for kids to save up for and purchase themselves. Even better value for money are the collectable figures with a single at £3.99 but a family pack at £9.99 with all of the figures in means lots to play with and whilst the boring adult part of my brain always screams 'They are bits of plastic !!!!' The mummy part of my brain knows that kids get so much from fre platy with toys like this, so far the teletubbies have met the playmobil babies in the mansion, they have played hide and seek and they've had a disco (that last one was Peanuts idea!) They are really sturdy and great fun.

I'm quite taken with the Teletubbies range and I already have my eye on this fab Laugh and Giggle Po for Termites birthday, I think she will love it

If youd like to know more and even be in with a chance of winning some Teletubbies goodies keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of the upcoming Teletubbies twitter frenzy coming soon.

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  1. We love the talking Po as well - he is getting a lot of love #TriedTested

  2. Aww lovely :) So sweet..

    I remember buying some Teletubbies for my son, he is 19 now!!