Monday, 4 January 2016

Lazy Exercises To Lose Weight

You may remember I shared my #MummyMakeover with you all in 2015 and I'll be honest when I'm good, I do really well. In fact this year I lost 21 lb with Slimming World . Sadly 2 weeks in Cyprus in October, not getting back on track and a fantastic diet break for Christmas mean that I've gained back some (well 11) of those and so I start this year only 10 lb lighter than last.

Here is the truth, I eat lots of chocolate when I'm not being 'good' and we love a takeaway. none of these things are going to move the pounds, what I'd like is someone to wave a magic wand and make me a size 12 again. Maybe if I could get fit just thinking about exercise?

I had a conversation with a personal trainer recently who has been showing me some work outs (you can watch them on you tube) and I asked if we could work together, I wanted to make video clips of easy (I mean lazy) exercises you could do while you were getting on with other things, like squats while you clean your teeth, a plank in the Corrie break, you get my drift. Shirley nodded and agreed sure we can do that. Then she started my plan and said here's the thing mate, doing two minutes of squats while you brush you teeth won't be that effective so we are gonna try this.... and then she almost killed me! But it was over in about 15 minutes and while my legs were wobbly and my head was a red as a beet, I felt better, Hell I felt good, more motivated for work and keener to do the housework, But I will be honest with you, I'm lazy! I can think of a million reasons not to exercise yet I know I will always feel better afterwards. 

That's why Shirley is right, and also the best trainer I could ask for. There is no such thing as Easy or Lazy exercises, but there are quick routines that can make a difference and you can do them with your kids in tow, as you will see in our first (badly shot, awful to watch) video. You can do them while dinner is cooking or while you have a spare 20 minutes!

Shirley owns Trimmed Toned and Toddlers, a local class where parents and carers can take their little people for a play while Shirley hosts the exercise class, she also offers 1-2-1 training which has been awesome for me, but the great thing is she is a mum to 3 she has been where I am, feeling unfit and wanting to make a change but fighting an inner battle with the voices who offer those million excuses. So I'm putting my faith in her, I shall follow her instructions and have faith, because I'll be honest, she looks ace!

So we are going to show you me (eek) doing short sharp exercises timed so that you can follow along, I'll be honest now, the early videos are a bit rubbish but you can hear the timings and you can follow the exercises, heck you can even make yourself feel better that you cant possibly be as bad as me at them!

Here goes ....

We will be making more videos and I will post footage of Shirley showing and explaining the exercises as well  so stay tuned to my YouTube channel for all the new workouts

So my goal for this year is a steady 2lb a week loss, I will post lots of recipes and will keep you all updated, I'd love to hear if you tried the exercises, what you thought of them.

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  1. Eeee good luck lovely - I too eat too many takeaways but I haven't had one this year :D