Saturday, 9 January 2016

Dry January - Mocktail Recipes

I have spent around 5 of the last 8 years either pregnant or breastfeeding and therefore alcohol and caffeine free, not to mention giving up undercooked steak, runny eggs, peanuts and pate but that's a whole other rant, so I have become adept at making mocktails, 

This January the man is taking part in Dry January and therefore so am I, although this is not a great sacrifice given that I partake in alcohol so rarely now due to my super quick slide into tipsy fool! None the less I'm being the amazing supportive wife that you all know I am, oh be quiet and just nod in agreement, and I've been pulling out my best mocktail creations for the man. Please note my names are totally unimaginative and I genuinely made all of these up over the past years in order to not be always drinking lemonade at parties and barbecues, so if any of them resemble a cocktail you have seen elsewhere I promise I didn't copy! 

Friday Night
Mix 5 parts lemonade with 1 part apple and blackcurrant cordial and  healthy slug of lemon juice, serve over ice

Noca Cola
Mix 1 part noisette syrup (the stuff you get for you coffee) with a can of caffeine free cola. This offers a lovely alternative rich tasting alternative to iced coffee (especially if like me you are not a fan of coffee)

Pink Bubbles
5 drops of grenadine mixed with 1 part line juice, 1 part lemon juice and soda water

Not So Cheeky Vimto
This one is for the kids but its actually really tasty, mix vimto cordial with sparking water and serve in a champagne flute for a bit of poshness!

Virgin Margarita
Ok so I didn't actually make this up but I did adjust the recipe to take out tequila! Blend margarita mix with lots of ice until slushy and serve in margarita glasses

Prince Harry
Mix Ginger Beer with apple juice and lots of ice

 5 parts apple Juice, 5 Parts Orange juice, 1 Part Lime Juice, and a drizzle or grenadine to create a red fade down the glass

Bahama Blend
Blend some pineapple and coconut juice with plenty of ice pour into a wide glass the top with soda and an umbrella

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