Thursday, 31 December 2015

Santas Naughty Elf and The Christmas Caper

6 years ago with Peanut aged only 1 and The Golden Child just newly annouced and growing strong, we headed of to see Santa's Naughty Elf at The Customs House. Peanut found it all rather hilarious, bright colours, music, dance and funny faces, what was not to love? The adults in the room were laughing just as hard, although possibly not at the same jokes, as the children, and so another Christmas tradition began. We have seen all of the naughty Elf shows since then and each has been just as much fun as the last, and this year apparently has had record sales so the team are obviously doing something right.

Santa's Naughty Elf and The Christmas caper shows Elfluent (Wayne Miller) being surprisingly well behaved, holding interviews with Elfluena (Sarah Boulter) for a new workshop elf. When Elflirty (Lauren Amour) gets the job, fellow candidate Elfranky (Steve Stobbs) decides to wreak havoc by stealing Santa's order book, magic dust and even kidnapping the man himself! Can Elfluent get Christmas back in time?

Theres lots of audience participation, a chance to learn new songs and dance moves and lots of jokes and funny capers too. Naughty Elf is a perfect show for the smaller members of your family as its fun and only an hour long, But its great for older kids to as the jokes are suitable and its a good laugh for everyone. Wayne Miller, who also directs the show, provides lots of laughs with his jokes and capers and this year displays his great vocal talents alongside the equally lovely sounding Lauren Amour.

Children get to meet Santa and Mrs Claus at the end of the show and say hi to the Elfy ones too. Its a lovely festive treat and great value for money The show runs until 24 December and you need to get in quick to get tickets, book online or call the box office 0191 4541234


  1. Fab show, lots of fun to be had at this show! kids loved the show along with the many adults too. Well done to the cast, the vocals were great too.

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